Saturday, October 14, 2006

Naive or not and the Bicycle adventure

First of all, let me say that MG is irritated that I do this. You ANYONE can read it.

I'm really sorry that it bugs him. But I don't want to quit. No one in the "real world" wants to hear me talk this much. Does he really want me to come home and go on and on about my Thursday Thirteen or my Top Five Tag...or how I feel like a failure as a parent about 75% of the time?

NOPE, I don't think so, either.

I think his big worry is because of the little "episode with psychowoman" that we had on MySpace a couple of months ago. She's faded into the woodwork now and I must say I am VERY grateful. And I have a hard time believing there are many people out there who don't have a life and want to play with mine.

OR maybe I'm just naive.

But is that really such a bad thing? If you don't trust people to some extent, what do you gain? And if all your naivete' is gone, you become hard and cold; paranoid. I wouldn't have met friends I have come to care about if I were afraid to share.

On the other hand, sometimes things go wrong. Like with "psychowoman" mentioned above (and in my July/August blogs)...and like a certain gallant, honorable, hilarious lawman who's blogs may be in jeopardy because of the stupidity of someone who does not deserve the name "lawman" in another state.
And the family found this morning in Florida...who did they trust? My heart breaks. Mommy found with her arms around her babies...trying to shield them from something she could not possibly stop. I'm sure Daddy tried his best to protect his family as well.

Father God has His loving arms around them right now.

So how do you know how much to trust? I don't know. Don't have the answer to that one.

On to more POSITIVE things...Another "first" yesterday!

Well, maybe just "first time in a LONG time"...
I rode a bike. As in bicycle. For the first time since 1992.
Got #1 a new bike. Cool green retro-lookin' fat-tire thing with some Hawaiian name. Has an "extra" big seat, too.
Which attracted me immediately. Never have been one for getting those little bike seats up the wazzoo. They could get lost in there!

Anyway, I didn't make it very far the first attempt.
AND I tipped the seat back....AND popped the lens off the rear reflector with my butt.

So I get off and fix all the damage I've done. And I try again!

This time I make it farther. Down to the cross street and back.

Wobbling all the way. Praying no cars come. Elbows sticking out so far I bear a strong resemblance to an albatross. Listening to the children and the neighbors laugh their butts off.

But I can't blame them...I did look VERY funny. :D

And I was happy to say "I did it!" I was wild, and I was reckless and I (*expletive deleted*) did it! (have you ever seen True Lies? One of my favorite movies. And in case you haven't seen it...that was a great Jaime Lee Curtis line.) I've always wanted to say that one... :D

Man, I want to go home. (strike up the violins, here comes the whine). Nothing would feel better right now that cuddling up on my bed with MG, watching TV and sippin' hot coffee. And closing my eyes...and! better put that hot coffee down... LOL :D

Ya'll have a great day and thanks SO much for reading my stuff.
God Bless...

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