Saturday, October 14, 2006

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If I had five minutes to myself:
1. I'd lay my head back on this chair and fall asleep. (just for five minutes...I swear!)
2. I would go look and see if LawDog posted anything new.
3. I'd call all my kids over and hug them for a minute apiece.
4. I would kiss MG over and over and then lay my cheek against his. (I guess this doesn't qualify as being "by myself"...but it works for me)
5. In reality, I would probably start a load of laundry, pick up the kids' bathroom, Windex the TV screen, put the dishes in the dishwasher and get my #4 a glass of juice.

If I had $5 to spend:
1. Without guilt? Hmmm, I might throw it in a slot machine and see what happens...
2. Buy a couple of state lottery scratchoff tickets. (WOW, I sound like a gambling addict! I NEVER do either one or two...because I feel guilty blowing the money. I Swear!)
3. Chocolate...lots and lots of chocolate.
4. Triple Mocha with the Gosh That's Good SF chocolate.
5. I will NOT buy a pack of cigarettes...I will NOT buy a pack of cigarettes...I will NOT buy a pack of cigarettes. (can you tell I'm trying to quit smoking ?)

Five Items I’d love to get rid of:
1. piles of papers I have to sort through.
2. my drift of mending.
3. Guilt.
4. My extra skin.
5. Cancer. I don't want to lose anymore friends or family members to it. And I REALLY don't want it to come visit me!

Five Items I wouldn’t part with:
1. My cell phone
2. My Guy
3. My kiddos
4. COFFEE! Any coffee...gimme coffee, coffee, coffee!
5. My car...even if it is tough to fit all of us in it, I can't imagine not having it. God bless you, A.C.!!

Five Words or Phrases I’d love to hear;
1. Congratulations! You've won the lottery! Here's your 45 million dollars!
2. The last 18 months of your life have been a test. This was only a test. Your life will return to normal shortly.
3. I love you, Mommy!
4. Everything is OK, Baby. I'll stay right here and hold you while you sleep.
5. Your jacuzzi is ready and the candles are lit. I'll knock on the door in 3 hours to let you know dinner is ready.

If you wanna cut and paste into your own blog, I would love to read your answers! If you don't, that's fine, too. Just enjoy reading mine and have an awesome day. :D JD

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