Saturday, August 16, 2014

CB radios...

Yes, I know....I got it from FaceBook.
It just brought back some memories.  I used to love it when we were out commercial fishing and dad would let me talk on the radio!  Listening to my Gramma and Grampa do their morning exchange after he launched and she got back to the house.
"Alley Cat?"
"Little Skipper"
"Alright!"   Checking to make sure he made it through the surf and she made it home.  Every day.
And as a truckdriver, this thing has saved my life multiple times.
Not to mention avoiding a few tickets, helping keep me awake and meeting some guardian angels. Like back in 1989, a driver named Scott pulling triples who ran with me from Cottage Grove all the way north to Portland on my first solo run to help me stay awake. I so wish I could let him know how much those few hours meant to me and I hope God has paid him back many times over.
It has also been the bane of my existence when my ex would tweek-n-peak CB's in the garage and the neighbors came banging on the door hollering that he was bleeding over on their home electronics - or he'd make someone so angry with his foul mean words that they were looking for our house when I had four small children.
Amazing how one picture of a piece of electronic equipment can send my brain wandering...

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Day After...

My thirty-year class reunion was much better than I expected.

I was an awkward teenager with a mouth that ran faster than my brain.  I remember sitting at a table of girls in the high school library and saying something odd - per my quirky sarcastic sense of humor.  The entire conversation stopped and en masse they all got up and walked away, leaving me sitting there like the odd man out I have always been.

At cheerleading try outs, two teams were picked.  One for basketball and one for football.  I was the only candidate not picked for either team.

As a senior, I was so bad at Volleyball (my chosen sport) that my playing on the varsity team would have been disastrous.  They couldn't push me back to JV because I was a senior.  SO they asked me to be equipment manager rather than kick me off the team.  That way I could still get my letter, but they didn't have to put me on the court.  OK...fine...yet - Odd man out.

Yesterday, we were adults; some of us were intoxicated loud adults, but adults nevertheless.  Life has a way of softening your edges and changing your perspective.  Each one had something about them now that I admire.

The traveling some have done!  The careers of making a difference in this world!  The awkward farm boy who is now the parent of a Downs child and did an incredible job of caring for that child during the reunion!
The beautiful grandchildren.

Oh, yes, I imagine there are skeletons and some of the stories are tough.  But we made it through.  We grew up into a FINE bunch of people.

And it only took 30 years.  :D