Saturday, October 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #62 - 2...REALLY LATE

CRUD! I can't wait till my home computer is up and running so I can do my 13 ON Thursday. I was going to try to do it on Wednesday night, but had too much to do at work Wednesday to work on it.
I hope they still accept my comment. If not...that's ok. At least I'll be happy with myself that I did it.

This one is kinda stupid...but here's my 13 favorite blog friends (right now). I've been cruising the T.T. entries and find more and more every week! There are some great writers and VERY nice people out there in blog-world.

1) LawDog - Lawman from Texas. Some of his stuff is so funny I can't read it at work because I laugh so hard I can't answer the phone!
2) ChaoticHome - I like this one because I know exactly how she feels!
3) Stayton Oregon Daily Photo - Celine is SERIOUSLY talented!
4) PawPaw's House - I'm a redneck at heart and he brings me back to my roots.
5) Orion Hood - Been friends with Orion for awhile. He is about as close to a superhero as appears here on earth. Incredibly intelligent and fantastically interesting.
6) Midlife Moments - Heather is such an inspiration! Prayers for her Emma Please!
7) Kiss and Tell All - My alltime favorite DJ on my fav country station.
8) phlegmfatale - She has written some very funny stuff. Good pictures, too!
9) As the Stomach Turns - Fellow G.P. buddy. It's fun to share...
10) Faith Lifts - Lots of great "Holy COW, that could be ME!" moments. I always find just what my soul is needing
11) Cornered Cat - more of a webpage really, not a blog. But I like it anyway....
12) Unexplored Territory - Great family lady I can relate to!
13) The pink Diary - Really enjoyed the last post about forgiveness!

Then there's the T.T. site...guess that's 14, huh? But how could I do this thirteen without mentioning it.
Thanks for bearing with me when I'm late. I'll try to do better next time!


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