Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Uh Oh!

Those were my son's first word, you know! Uh OH!

"Hey! You're drinking MY pop!"

Little kid...."Uh OH!"

"Boy! Get out of that drawer! What a mess!"

Little kid..."Uh OH!"

Yah, you get the idea. Anyway, I kind of felt that way tonite. Came to work to discover my supervisor would be sitting in for the evening.
Not that I have anything to worry about. I'm not as rowdy as I sound in my blog. :D

But you know how it goes when someone (especially someone in authority) is watching you. Like when you're being followed by a cop. Sure as Sh**! You do something wrong, just because you're a little nervous that you're being "WATCHED".


I'm feeling better, by the way, thanks for asking! Had a great day today. Got my tax return back. YEP, I filed back in FEBRU-stinkin'-ARY before the deadline.
AND YEP, it's October. That's the IRS for ya'!
But at least I got it! And I can catch up on a few bills...

And maybe get myself a new tattoo...or two. **Wink**

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