Saturday, August 09, 2008

Police, Prayers and Positive thinking

Hope you all are having a great weekend! I spent the morning doing something totally WILD!
I tested for Reserve Podunk PD officer. Aced the written, but the physical? Well, let's just say I was much less than spectacular. But it gives me something to shoot for and they retest every month. So I'm gonna go for it. It is something that ranks high on my "Bucket List" and the kids want to practice running the obstacle course with me, so HEY, kill several birds with one stone!

I wanted to ask your prayers today for a BRAVE little girl. She is in my #2's class at school. She has two pages that she keeps updated, one at My Life With God By My Side and a Caring Bridge page for Kennedy. My heart breaks for her mom, Dad and Brother...and for Kennedy herself. She says on her blog today that she is feeling lonely so let's surround her with God's love. I know how "lonely" feels and it's NO FUN!!

I'm doing good, ya'll. I still have my moments when life seems too big, but I can handle it now and am ready to face the challenge once again. Thank you for all your love and support during this crappy depression. It was so amazing to me how it could just sneak up and ambush me like that for no reason! Pretty Freaky! And it was weird to see how people handled it; the kids thought I was sick. One mentor woman at church was actually avoiding me...I think I scared her. I've had others distance themselves because I'm too "needy". My mom just had a hard time dealing with my stuff AND her own issues so she hasn't been over in quite awhile.

**NOTE HERE - Anyone who stopped reading my stuff because I was too dark or odd, I'm all done so you can come back now!!**

Working on building my "real life" friend base, too. It's coming along slowly but surely. But I now have several friends that I know face to face that I can call or text when I get lonely. Not relying so much on the ol' MG anymore. Which is good, cuz he only calls or texts when he needs something now. No sharing, talking, somedays I don't think he even reads the texts I send him. I miss him still.
ANYWAY, I now have D'Mom, Double E, The AltMan, Doc, Frankay, Barb and the Deputy stashed in my cell phone. Makes me smile just to see their names; I don't quite feel so alone anymore.

Well, gotta go clean the fish tank and set up my training course. Take care!


Heather said...

Glad things are looking up, I am proud of you. Continuing to pray.

Donetta said...

Great to have goals. Hay girl sounds like your doing well. Very busy I am sure. I hope your week end is a nice one.