Friday, August 15, 2008

When the going gets tough...

I was just thinking about that saying...
"WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH...." and I've thought of several possible endings that might possibly fit.


...The tough go shopping! That would work...ummmmm, if I had any money. ARGH!

...The tough sit down and cry! Ahhh, I already do too much of that. NEXT!?

...The tough - write. YAH, I'm all about that.

...The tough run away. Lord knows, I want to do that alot. Run down the street screaming and pulling my hair out; run to the coast where I can forget my troubles; run to the phone or a book to escape; run to the computer and flirt with some man I've never even met. I'm a pro at running away...or if not actually RUNNING away, at least sticking my head in the sand and PRETENDING that I'm running away.

...The tough take a walk. What I NEED to do, definitely. Need to start exercising some. Lots of excuses, though, you know. Too hot, Too many kids, Can't get my butt outta bed, etc.

...The tough smile and pretend like everything is ok. Keepin it all inside isn't healthy, but we all do it to some extent, don't we?

Well, that's enough of that. I am an active lady and I really don't like being ill. Having an injury has kept me down since April and now threatens to hamper me for six more months. So I need some cheerleaders. I need to rally myself and FIGHT. Need to stand up, hike up my bootstraps and give 'em hell!

Now if I could just gather the energy and will to get out of bed...I'll get right on that. :D

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