Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Long, Long, Long, Long day

Yesterday was amazing.
Dropped the kids at school, #4 at the sitters and headed to the clinic for Prenatal day.
Got through two appointments and a mommy calls to say she's in labor. So we cancel the afternoon appt.s and head for her place.
We get there at one and baby is born at 3:30. Stayed till 6:30 to clean up. They made us the most incredible chicken soup with homemade bread, meats, cheeses, Russian Tea. WOW.
Ooops, I digress. Anyway, the baby was a boy. Gorgeous in every way. Mom and dad were sweet and wanted pictures with all of us.

Without MG around, the kids had to fend for themselves. #1 fixed the others dinner ( was spaghetti-o's but he's 14 so what do we expect?) and they didn't fight at all. I was SO proud.
I had a final in EMT Basic at 7 so thought I would just stay in the Big City. Turns out I HAD to...because I had left the lights on in my van and it wouldn't even click. Deader'n a doornail, as my grampa would say.

So the midwife drops me off at the college just in time. I am sans uniform, but the instructor is cool and let me stay. Did well on the final (I think...grades aren't out yet) and another student drove me back to my van to charge my battery.

Left the house at home at 9:30 pm. Had a sitter come stay with the kiddos from 6p till I got home. But everyone did fine and everything worked out.

Just a long harrowing day. I'm glad there's no more wee ones due until the end of April. Give us all some time to adjust.
#4 came and crawled in bed with me at 3am. Just to make sure I was home.
My children seem happy and well adjusted. Wish I felt the same way. In time, I guess.

Got another final on friday then spring break looms ahead. I'd love to take the kids to visit family. But finances are too tight for that. Guess I'll have to break out the craft box and plan some theme dinners. Invite some people over to play. Try to make it special anyway.

Had to go get a food box today. Always a humbling experience. But the LOL's (Little Old Ladies) manning the local pantry are just dolls. Gave me some pork chops and a cake for the kids. Yeehaw!

I'm lonely. Wish I had someone to talk to and share my day with. Guess I'll just be blogging more, huh? It's kinda like talking. The counselor says I need to get used to taking care of myself instead of taking care of others all the time. Easier said than done.
I have been kinda fixing up my bedroom some, though. Maybe I'll scrape the texture off the woodwork and try to do a border or something.

We'll see.

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