Monday, March 17, 2008

I'd give back my mommy license, but I think they already have it.

Dr. Seuss Dress Up Day at Kindergarten.
#4 didn't really want to participate, but I talked her into it and she wanted to be "Sally" (The little girl in The Cat And The Hat). I don't know where she came up with that either.

Anyway, we find a cute white dress and do her hair in stand out pigtails.
She looks adorable.

Take her to school and drop her off with her sisters. Wave goodbye.

Get to college class and realize...

Dress up day is Wednesday.

So I call her teacher and confess. She laughed so hard I thought she would pass out.
And she says "Well, she looks really cute anyway!!"


I think.

Does the fact that she's cute make up for the fact that Mommy blew it? I sure hope so. Mommy has been blowing it alot lately.

The upside is that she never even noticed. Thank God for small blessings.

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