Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Day After...

My thirty-year class reunion was much better than I expected.

I was an awkward teenager with a mouth that ran faster than my brain.  I remember sitting at a table of girls in the high school library and saying something odd - per my quirky sarcastic sense of humor.  The entire conversation stopped and en masse they all got up and walked away, leaving me sitting there like the odd man out I have always been.

At cheerleading try outs, two teams were picked.  One for basketball and one for football.  I was the only candidate not picked for either team.

As a senior, I was so bad at Volleyball (my chosen sport) that my playing on the varsity team would have been disastrous.  They couldn't push me back to JV because I was a senior.  SO they asked me to be equipment manager rather than kick me off the team.  That way I could still get my letter, but they didn't have to put me on the court.  OK...fine...yet - Odd man out.

Yesterday, we were adults; some of us were intoxicated loud adults, but adults nevertheless.  Life has a way of softening your edges and changing your perspective.  Each one had something about them now that I admire.

The traveling some have done!  The careers of making a difference in this world!  The awkward farm boy who is now the parent of a Downs child and did an incredible job of caring for that child during the reunion!
The beautiful grandchildren.

Oh, yes, I imagine there are skeletons and some of the stories are tough.  But we made it through.  We grew up into a FINE bunch of people.

And it only took 30 years.  :D

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