Thursday, March 20, 2014

Don't faint...

But I was cleaning today.

Since the husband left, it's how I keep myself busy.
Anyway, I decided to vacuum.  Cuz I got a new vacuum cleaner...and I wanted to be the first to use it, because I'm selfish like that.
So I'm picking up the random papers strewn on the floor and I come across a neatly folded little piece of paper written in #4's handwriting.
It was a list...a wishlist of sorts.
 1) A video game
2) an Ipad
3) go shopping for more fish
4) that #3 would be happy

I teared up.
and I shared it with #3 so on those days when she doesn't feel like anyone loves her...she'll know at least two people do.
#4 and me.

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