Saturday, May 15, 2010

Life as I know it...

Just got back from a long rescue. Poor lady had a blood sugar of 18 (yes, that is one-eight, eighteen) when we arrived on scene. Went down to 17 before the paramedics, intermediate and RN on our team could find an IV site. She looked like a pin cushion but we got the D50 in and she popped right around. WHEW! It was my first diabetic call so a real learning experience!!

Had fun myself with blood sugar last night. Went down to 50. Doesn't compare to 18 by any means, but still felt yuk! My poor honey was freaking out. I kept telling him, hey, it happens every once in awhile. I think my pancreas is beginning to short out. Maybe a harbinger of things to come. Only time will tell. Had some protein and OJ and felt better after an hour or so.

Trying to work on my homework, but not making much progress. Have a big class load for me this term. Chemistry 110, Women's Health issues, Human Sexuality, Child Abuse and Neglect and Parenting. Took a class on herbs one saturday, too. That was very interesting! Fifteen credits has been keeping me hopping, but doing far. Knock on wood.

Kids are well, my honey brings peace and happiness to our home and he takes such good care of us all. I could definitely get used to being treated like a princess. :D

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Donetta said...

It sounds wonderful to hear you so happy. Hard work on the classes you must be getting close. Remember the old days when ever drive was a struggle not knowing if you would get there? Now here you are LIVING and loving and being loved.
I am happy for you