Sunday, May 16, 2010

Odd experience for me

I've never had one of my children so angry at me before.
It's very ...uh....weird to say the least.

She wants to go to "Alch*my School". She's been watching this "kids" show named "Full Me*al Alc*emist". I must confess, I've never watched it. I guess I probably should if she's getting this hung up on it.

And she sees this ad online for a school down in California. The symbol for the school too closely resembles a pen*agr*m for my comfort level.

So this evening she meets me on the porch and wants to talk. She thinks I will be angry. But I'm not. However, I do tell her in no uncertain terms that until she is 18 and responsible for herself, this will not happen.

And I explain why.
To which she replies that she hates God.
I knew she was mad at Him for not taking away her nightmares, but she says there is something else that has made her hate Him. And she won't tell me what.

I am disturbed by this to the depths of my soul. She has spent all evening crying and will not speak to me.
As you can imagine, I am praying with all that is in me.

Got an email from my childrens' school. I had previously made it known in no uncertain terms that my children were NOT (and I repeat, NOT) to be included in any S*x education.
Hmmm, yah, I made a stink about it after the crew came home and told me about an all-school assembly they had that day on "se*ual harras**ent".
Call me a prude or an overprotective mother or whatever other unflattering names you can think of but it's my job as their parent to provide that information. My kids and I talk - we have the kind of relationship where they will come to me if they have questions.
No, I am not deluding myself. Seriously.
Anyway, the email I got outlines plans for a middle school health education class and gives me the procedure for "opting out". Which involves a four page "application".

Now, I realize it's been a few years, but last time I checked, I could entirely and completely home school my children without filling out that much paperwork.
I realize there are Federal mandates and the "no child left behind" hoo-haw and grants and charters that have to be satisfied. But she's MY child!
Or am I wrong??

My next question is...if it is an application, what is the options if my app is DENIED?

Great Gobs of Goose Grease!

Guess I really WILL be homeschooling her then, huh?

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Heather said...

My husband, brother-in-laws, and I all love Full Metal Alchemist but it is NOT, I repeat, NOT a kids show. My kids are NOT watching it anytime soon and they see a lot of anime. (Put it this way-- they have seen all but the last Harry Potter, lots of super hero movies, kung fu, and lots of video games and anime but no Full Metal Alchemist). Yes, it is a cartoon but it is an anime-- and anime go everything from baby shows to porn, so you have to be careful when choosing which to watch and let your kids watch. Full Metal ISN'T porn but there is lots in it not suitable for kids. Just saying. Of course I don't know how old she is but our 12 year old watches tons of stuff (she has even watched Batman Begins and Shawn of the Dead) and is not watching Full Metal even though we have the entire series here on dvd. I wouldn't make a fuss about it, just attempt to distract her from it with other things that interest her and pretty soon she will move on, if you don't fuss too much. I would suggest that she may be interested in studying up on Japanese culture-- they have a lot of demons and ancestor worship and it is actually quite interesting though devastating from a Christian point of view. I have a dear friend who LOVES anime and longs to be a missionary to the Japanese people (she is learning Japanese through watching anime in Japanese with English subtitles. I can give you alist of excellent anime that is much less dangerous but very fun to watch as a family, especially Miyazaki films (Studio Ghibli if you search online.) Brilliant anime, much better than Full Metal as far as quality goes, and the whole family can watch them-- kind of like Disney movies but Japanese (and no, we don't watch Disney but you get the idea). Oh, and you might also want to talk to her about what she thinks the school would be like-- the alchemy and alchemists in full metal are very much different from American witchcraft and the sort of thing you would find here. You could do a little research together and find out the differences-- by the time you were done you would likely find that what she was expecting is very different. Full metal takes place in an alternate universe, it is a fantasy/sci-fi story-- just fyi. Praying for wisdom and peace.