Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I gotta toot my own horn for a minute here.

After a horrible year of relationship challenges, botched surgery, crippling depression and questioning myself constantly...
It feels very good to have made the honor roll for winter term.

GPA 3.63
Only 12% of the students in my college made it.

Good to be back!
I miss my Loverboy desperately. He is carrying such a heavy load right now with Papa so ill. They have to move to the "big city across the border" for radiation treatments for three days every week.
Papa is getting so tired. So is LB. How I wish I could help him!! All I can do is pray. Will you join me please? Please?
My EMT Intermediate class lasts a term and a half. So now the "and a half" is ending. No more night classes! Thank you, God! It will be cool to spend some time with my kids in the evenings.
Now I just need to pass the state certification tests on the 7th and the 16th.

Am not quite so tired anymore. Maybe cuz I'm not so stressed. And I have been going to bed earlier. If you count falling asleep on top of a text book actually "going to bed".

I wonder if I can resell them with drool stains...

Been trying to keep up with my work outs. Have to go three times a week to get an A in the class and so far...I've been almost keeping up!

I did kind of blow it, though. Didn't get my state scholarship application in on time. Closed...no funds from them come fall.
AND I missed the deadline for the College foundation scholarship application as well.
What a slacker I am!!
Still haven't gotten to file my TAXES yet, either. I won't owe anything...but I sure could use the money if I get a return.

Don't ask me why I missed all these deadlines. I can't explain it. Just too many irons in the fire, I guess.

Should hear about the state Police dispatch job soon. If I don't get something in the mail tomorrow (either yay or nay) I will call. I can't stand the suspense much longer.

God bless your week!

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