Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PAD 21 - Haiku

WOW. I haven't written a Haiku since high school...

I'm glad Robert posted a link to the instructional blog he wrote on Haiku metre. The form can either go 5/7/5 or 3/7/4. He has LOTS of great information on his site for many different kinds of poetry forms and wonderful interviews with contemporary poets, as well.

These are so easy...think I might do a couple here. **CLAPS HANDS AND GIGGLES**

An old friendship dies
And a new one rises up
Still, I miss the old.

Silly children laugh
their laughter is infectious
It makes me feel young.

I'll be so very glad
my night class ends this week
more time with my kids.

Now...let's try the 3/7/4...

Love him so
Miss him more than words can say
My heart is sad.

Brand new Dad
Now he comes to my life late
Soon he will leave.

"Mom," she says.
"Do you know that I love you?"
Yes, I do, Baby.

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