Monday, April 20, 2009

PAD 20 - Rebirth

Would you care to join in? Only ten days left of the challenge...but it is fun and there are SO many awesome comments to read!! WOW!!
Today, Mr. Brewer's prompt is to...

"write a poem of rebirth. There are many different types of rebirth available, including the changing of the seasons, the beginning of the day, religious or spiritual rebirth, a reconfirmation of good in people, re-learning how to love, etc. So think on it a bit, and create a stellar rebirth poem."

Then and now

Then...I weighed 450 lbs.
Now...I hit 280.

Then...I was judgmental and pious.
Now...I know I am the worst of the worst.

Then...I acted like it was all about me.
Now...Who is me? babies were a hassle.
Now...they are my treasure.

Then...I thought nothing bad could happen.
Now...My children are all I have left.

Then...I was unemployed, stay at home soccer mom.
Now...I am Mom, full time student, EMT, apprentice midwife, CERT Volunteer, Fiance', Daughter, Lover, friend, comforter, shoulder, writer, neighbor, father, dishwasher, maid, handyman, cheerleader and oppressed five year old.

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