Wednesday, April 22, 2009

PAD 22 - Work Related

Oh, my! This one had better be short and sweet. I have about two minutes till midnight. LOL

The prompt today is to write a work-related poem. So I think I will write about all the jobs I've had/done/left...

Been There, Done That

The first job I remember was on a boat.
My dad's commercial vessel on the green foamy sea.
Although I got sea sick every morning
and sun burned every day,
That exciting way of life became a part of me.

Then I started working for the man who bought the fish
Seven hundred pound boxes we would pack them in the ice.
I was the only girl
so the last one to be called in,
When my grampa found out, he wasn't very nice.

From there, I went to dishwashing in the fancy seaside haunts
helping with the prep work to keep all the rich people fed.
Then I learned how to cook
and I learned how to schmooze.
But that job is not one I want to do until the day that I am dead.

I tried long haul truck driving; that really was a blast.
Then I went to a hospital reception desk and people who need me.
They needed me at
the state police, too.
dispatching for the troopers and answering calls from noon to three.

On to a newspaper reception desk and an insurance company too.
To a temp agency where we get paid on Friday every week.
I began to help Charlene
in her legal one-man office.
Little ones coming thick and fast. Sometimes I'm just too weak.

A stay at home mom, and a foster parent.
A school lunch lady and a telephone operator.
An overhead announcement voice and a student midwife.
An Emergency Management assistant and an EMT.

But most of all a mommy is what I want to be.

Ummm, yah. you'll have to forgive this one. I'm so tired I keep bonking my nose on the keyboard.

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