Thursday, April 23, 2009

PAD 23 - regrets

"For today's prompt, I want you to write a poem of regret. Get creative with this one, but there should be some form of regret either expressed or hinted at (even if ever so slightly). You do NOT have to use the word "regret" in the poem, though it's fine if you do."

Conversation usually turns to "regrets",
If you spend much time visiting with a friend.
"Do you regret anything from your past?" they ask.
And don't expect what I say in the end.

I don't view my mistakes as "regrets", per se.
Though there are lots of things I wish I hadn't done.
But from each painful experience,
A lesson was brought into the sun.

Regret my tattoos? I have five now
and am waiting to start on my sixth.
Each comes from a piece of my past
my history, not just some half-hazard mix.

Regret my marriage? It is tempting
Because of all the hurt, terror and fear.
But God has made joy out of pain
and I get stronger and stronger each year.

Regret my transgressions? No, I don't.
For I consciously made the poor choice.
The consequences I paid for the mistakes that I made
left my conscience with a VERy strong voice.

I hope that I've learned my lessons in life
And pray I won't make the same mistakes twice.
But if I do, they still won't be regrets.
Maybe the SECOND lesson learned will suffice.

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