Thursday, April 23, 2009

No more papers...No more books...

OK, OK...a FEW more books.

I'm DONE with my EMT Intermediate class! You all don't KNOW how happy that makes me.
It is my only night class and for the last five months, it has taken every Tuesday and Thursday night and every other Saturday, as well, for labs.

Tonight we took the final. I have all my projects in. We'll get our grades tomorrow. I'm 99.9 percent sure I got at least a B.

Now, I just have to pass the State Certification Boards and I will be licensed. Thursday the 7th and Saturday the 16th. But for now...

Time to rest. Time to catch up on my other classes. Time to spend with my kids in the evening.

time to sit around in front of this computer after they go to bed and be so lonely, I just sit here and bawl.

I'm doing some ride along time on an ambulance tomorrow. Should be interesting and fun.
Went to Fire Drill last night. It was on "radio communications" and the man teaching went over a 911 call with all the radio traffic. The incident was last summer. One of the men on his logging crew died.

By the time the CD of the call was over, I was physically shaking from frustration. Move FASTER, do SOMETHING, why are you TAKING so long?, Why are you arguing over the LZ for the helicopter? I practically had high blood pressure after an hour of just listening to it.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE God don't ever let me do that. I only want to help.

Supposed to hear back from State Police about the dispatch job either tomorrow of first of next week. I don't think I made the cut, but that's ok. God's plans are bigger than my plans.

I am tired of the emotional mood swings I am having. Talked to my dr. today about weaning off of the medications I am taking. So we're gonna start the slide down.
Keep me in your prayers, please. Some of them have some wicked side effects and withdrawal. But I am SO TIRED of not being me.

I am really sleepy tonight, so I've got to go hit the hay. But I do want to remind myself to tell you the latest number 4 funny about a "spider giving birth". It's a good one!!

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