Monday, April 06, 2009


Dropped numbers 2 and 3 off at the local pool and number four and I went shopping, running errands, just generally having some "girl time".
When we went to pick them up, they were all SWEET and KIND. Let #4 sit in the FRONT. Held the car door for her.
All of a sudden she stops, plants her hands on her hips and announces "WHO are YOU and what have you DONE with #2?!??"

TOO funny. But she's right. It was WAaaaay out of character for those middle two!

Did I somehow forget to mention that I got a ticket.
Speeding ticket.
STOP LAUGHING!! We're going to just work off the assumption that I'm a law abiding citizen.

except for That OoooooNNNNNEEE little thing.
Pedis Leadis.

Of course, I got nailed on the OTHER side of the state. Argh!
By a state police trooper when I had an interview with the State police TODAY.
Like I can afford that! Where's that rubber wall when I need something to bang my head against.

#4 again. "Mom, I gotta go potty"

"Uhhh, MOM, I gotta go POTTY!!"

Five more minutes dear.

5 minutes go by.

"Hmmm, Mom, did you know you just drove down an exit?"

No, Squirt!! Are you SERIOUS?!?! I didn't know! AH CRUD...What am I gonna do NOW.
of course I knew. It was potty time. But just the way she said it...Guess you had to be there.

#3 comes out for a hug while LB and I are walking the dogs. BIG squeeze.

She heads back toward the house and then turns.
Points her head at my Love and says...

"You know, if you and my mom ever break up, you ain't NEVER gonna find ANYONE like her. All the others will just drink and drink and drink and drink and drink. They'll be NO good for ya'!"

Well...that was totally random! But she got it off her chest...

Gotta go to bed, friends. Catch ya' Manana

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