Monday, April 06, 2009

PAD 6 - Something Missing - MY Mommy License!

Today's poem challenge is to write about something missing.

Don't know if you all had noticed or not...but my poems don't usually rhyme. Sometimes... But not always.

This one doesn't take too much thinking.
Which is good, cuz I'm running on less than three hours of sleep and more than three gallons of coffee. Which reminds me...Be right back..

OK, got my mug out the mickey-mike. (that's microwave in Redneck dialect).

What's Missing?

No one told me when I married that kids would come along;
Just an assumption that is made. They don't know they could be wrong.

Tried for years to grow a baby, nuthin' seemed to work.
Till one day when that lil' pink line forever stopped that hurt.

Seems once things got a rollin' they just couldn't seem to stop.
Got four kiddos now who love me (hubby was scheduled for a chop!)

But as life turns out, he bailed on me and I'm left holdin the sack.
What he didn't know is that sack holds jewels I would never ever give back.

Regularly I screw up my life and sometimes I forget to clean.
I'm lousy about following up with punishment And I just HATE being mean.

So if I forget who's grounded or if my baby is spouting wit
And I just sit there laughing hard; can't help it one little bit.

Or if I let them have cookies for breakfast, or not wear their coat in the rain.
I don't make them wear pajamas or brush their shaggy manes.

Then I turn in my Mommy License, you know it's happened before.
So many times, in fact, I keep it hanging right by the door.

Been told by master Mother teachers what a crappy mother I make.
So I'm doing my best to be an unlicensed Mom...c'mon, let's go have some cake!!

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