Tuesday, April 07, 2009

PAD 7 - clean or dirty?

Got a question for you...
How does one write coherently when one is so tired they can hardly put one foot in front of the other?

Well, I must say that Robert makes it easier today with a two-fer topic. Either "clean" or "dirty". (don't think like that...naughty, naughty. There's only room for my mind in this gutter!)

How about both?

The big red truck in the line of other trucks
loaded with hay...and loaded with dirt.
Wouldn't know it was red if someone hadn't
rubbed a spot on the door.

Driver headed my way, what do I say?
I need help, but strangers are dangerous
And I have four little girls in my care
in a van with a flat.

A smear of mud on his cheek, dust covered glasses
shorts, tank and shoes covered in dirt.
Hands callused and stained by the oil and soil
of a hard working man.

In no time, he's changed my tire and made me laugh
and made me totally forget about the dirt.
Who notices a bit of tarnish when the knights' armor
blinds you with brilliance?

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