Saturday, March 28, 2009

Older n' Dirt...

I just recently signed up for FaceB--k.
Been hearing alot about it and thought "Why Not?"
Turns out it's not a Singles site...
and LOTS more grown up than M*Spa*e which
seems to have been taken over by high schoolers.

I found old classmates from my lil' ol' High School On the Hill.
Found a girlfriend I haven't seen since I was about 12.
Always wondered what had happened to her!

And my sister (who also has a FaceB--k page)
directed me to a foster-sister we had growing up.
She took this picture of my sisters and I...
if memory serves, this would have been somewhere in the mid 70's.

I'm the tall one in the back with my thumb up my nose.
And NO the sister next to me is NOT flipping the finger.
She's doin' the Fonzie "AAaaaayyyyy".

YOU remember THAT...Don't YOU??

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