Saturday, March 28, 2009

Morning Love

Number four woke me up this morning.
Brought me breakfast in bed.

With a cup of left-over coffee that has been in the pot for at least 4 days.
And it's cold...cuz she's only seven, ya' know.

Anyway, a long distance runner who wanted to tank up on carbs before a marathon would have LOVED this breakfast!!
On a Teletubbies plate, I got a dinner roll, a cold piece of toast (WELL buttered) and two chocolate chip pop tarts.

"Oh, THANK YOU, sweetheart!!" Says I. "How wonderful!" and I start to nibble.
She goes to the end of the bed and starts rubbing my feet under the quilt.

"Mommy?" she declares around her missing two-front-teeth, "Isn't this just the BEST DAY EVER?"

Why yes, my little SpongeBob Groupie...I think it's shaping up that way!

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