Saturday, March 28, 2009

Banging my head against a wall...

Can't BELIEVE I caved and took #3 to the Emergency Room.

But she was yelling and an entire hour. I didn't know what to do.

Turns out she just has a case of the viral "green apple two-step" and she didn't want to go because she thought it would hurt.

Here I am...Paramedic student. Taking a kid to the ER for diarrh*a.

Good grief.

Then I got home and took my shoes off. Warming up a hot dog and...
the rescue tones go off.
cardiac arrest.


Got recalled, though. Turns out he'd been there awhile. Wadn't anything anyone could do. He was already in the arms of God.

So I'm home now. I miss my LB like CRAZY. I have a SCREAMIN toothache. I did the dishes and I think I need to go to bed.

Now. Before I add to the stupidity of this day

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