Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How things are going

I don't know what's up with the State Poe-lees. They seem to do alot of normal stuff that the rest of us do during the week...over the weekend.

They called on Saturday and wanted to know if I could come in for testing Sunday or Monday.

So I chose Sunday after church. I SHOULD have asked how long it would take. The typing part went well. Except for the fact that the computer ate my first test so I had to do another. Scored 68 WPM with 2 mistakes.

Then I did a test for Emergency Dispatch aptitude. After an hour and 40 minutes, my brain was a smouldering little lump atop my spinal column.


Spelling, prioritization, memorization, summarization, Data entry, multi-tasking. WOW. The worst part for me was the part where they would reel off a string of numbers AND Letters combined, then say NOW and you could type. So you had to remember them for a couple seconds.
I'm FORTY TWO! With four kids...and I can't remember THEIR names half the time. I thought my mother was mentally handicapped when I was a child...after all, she's the one that THOUGHT up these names and now she can't remember who we are? The string of names she tried always ended with "WHATEVER YOUR NAME IS...GET OVER HERE!"

I've done it. It's scary.

Anyway, I chaseth rabbits. I only got three out of ten on that section, but made a 90 % overall. Whew!
I hope that's good.

The supervisor scheduled me for an interview right there. Go back in on Monday the sixth.

We'll just see what God has planned!

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