Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Happenings!

The van died.

Was gettin gas the other turned it off at the pumps. And it wouldn't start again. I had power to other things, like the dome light and the headlights, but no ignition. Hmmmm. So like a big mechanic girl, I call LB. "HEELLLPP ME!!"

No...seriously...actually I was very calm about the whole thing.
I've never had to deal with fuses before, but figured that is probably what it was. So I got a fuse. (Thank GOD they are cheap because I am broker than broke. I'm using dishwasher soap to do necessary laundry, for goodness sake!) And HEY, when I put the new fuse it, it started.

So I head off to go get the kids. Pick them up. Go home. Do my thang. In the morning, I take off to take them to school. HOLY MOLY, it shuts off at 60mph goin down the highway. Well, that is definitely an adrenaline rush, because when the power is off, the power brakes and power steering don't work all that well.
I'm just sayin'.... you know!

SO I tried another fuse. And it started again. Hmmmm, starting to see a pattern here.
Make it almost to the drive at the school and CLICK...
Dead again.

This time, no amount of fuse switching or tire kicking or wire wiggling or bawling was going to make a difference. The principal helped me push it off the road. I caught a ride home and cried.
THen I worked on my homework...and cried.
Then I called a couple people to try to set up rides to school and appointments...and cried.
Made dinner...and cried.

LB came over after work LATE Friday night. I had Lab on Saturday. Caught a ride with another student and spent the morning going over MegaCodes and stabbing people with 20 gauge needles. And getting stabbed. Spent the afternoon trying to remember the dosages of 20+ medications that are in the EMT Intermediate "Scope of Practice". My brain hurt.

LB spent the morning "motivating" the children to clean house. Then he spent the afternoon trying to figure out WHAT in the WORLD was wrong with the van!

Then we had a BDParty for the number One Dude! WOW...he's 15. Can't believe it!
Anyway, then LB and I went to visit his son in the Big Big city and got home about 2am.
He made me breakfast. I got sick. Not from the breakfast...OK?
Too much sugar and not enough sleep.
Then we went back down and worked on the van again...cuz it's still at the kids' school, ya' know.
We tossed around ideas. Peered into corners. Perused manuals and schematics. And JUST as we were about to give up? BINGO! LB finds a crumbling wire back behind the battery.
He says it was God. I said YES, but GOD used YOU! He said it was MY idea that made him look back there.

So we agreed to just praise God together and WOW are we!?! The entire repair cost about a dollar fifty. AND a batch of cookies to the man who let us borrow his multimeter.
It's not a permanent fix...but should last until I can make other arrangements. Everytime I start the van - I smile! And thank God!

And miss my sweet LB more and more every day....

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