Monday, February 23, 2009

Getting CLOSER...Monday morning Meme on Monday afternoon

February 23rd Questions:

1. Does blogging make you fat? Do you find yourself sitting around and eating more since you started your blog? Or do you get so caught up in the whole blogging routine that you forget to eat?

Not "blogging" per se...but the computer. It isn't the ENTIRE reason, but it does contribute. I have to do research for my next thesis and I have M&Sp*ce (I'm a MOBSTER freak...level 293, thank you vewy much!). Then there are my bloggy friends to go read, my email to check out, I play G**S** and Yahtzee with my guy. And I miss him so very much. The empty hole is hard to leave empty...although I am trying. After the kids go to bed is the only time I can get time to do this.

2. The one topic I will not touch on my blog is __________. Why? What sorts of topics do you receive the most comments on? What sorts of topics do you receive the least number of comments on?

With complete and utter respect and honor for my blog buddies...I just don't do politics. I'm glad that everyone doesn't think like me, but it is my humble opinion that my humble opinion doesn't matter one whit. All I can do is make a difference in my little square foot of the world and my one vote ain't gonna change anything. However, my getting out there and working on the rescue or taking cookies to an elderly neighbor WILL change something.

Funnily enough, the post I got the most comments on was when I was searching for the music to "Jangle Bells". It's a hilarious Christmas song...a variation of Jingle Bells that just cracks me up. Especially the line about Santa's Claws.

Least amount of comments? MOST of my posts..LOL. Bein's as how I have a readership of about...

hang on, counting on my fingers...



3. Spring is coming. How is your wardrobe? What sorts of clothes do you usually wear in the spring? Where do you normally shop for your clothes? How successful are you in finding clothes for yourself?

Clothes? Spring? I pretty much wear the same thing year round. Sweats or jeans and a t-shirt. LB is trying desperately to change that. If It's winter, I add a fleece or a sweatshirt over the T. In summer, I wear Birk-Knockoffs instead of sneakers.

THAT my friends, is the extent of my wardrobe.

4. We should treat every day as a special gift - we’re alive, right? What made this past week special for you? (And if you’ve already talked about that special something on your blog, then think of something else - something little perhaps, but had a big impact on you or your loved ones).

Yes, I already talked about getting my van fixed. THAT was awesome for ALL of us! Nothing like making you grateful for a car that starts when you turn the key.

I made a new friend. I asked for a ride to class. He had to go a little bit out of the way...but he said "SURE! NO problem!" Wouldn't even take gas money! We talk and talk all the way to class...all the way home. He said I can keep riding with him to save gas $$. Very cool. I asked a couple others and everyone else was evasive or just plain didn't answer me. But he did. And it's nice to have a new friend.

I started my first IV. Actually I did two. On real people. But I only hit the vein with one of them. And it was SUCH a triumph!

I got the hang of reading a three lead EKG. Once it clicked, I felt SO much better. Not like quite so much of a dim-wit.

Got to spend some time with my honey. Which is always WONDERFULLY awesome!

Got to "run" my first call ever on the rescue. I was the lead! Asked all the questions, made her feel better. I think I even made her chuckle once. WOW, that felt good!

The kids are all well. I'm fairly caught up on my homework. Got my van back...

OH...WAIT! Was I only supposed to pick one?

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