Sunday, September 07, 2008

Other than that...

I spent last night sleeping in a chair next to the hospital bed of my mother who broke her leg just standing still in her kitchen.
Surgeon told me as soon as my surgical wound from April heals, he'll make another one to repair the hernia caused by the previous surgery.
Everyone but me in the office I am "working" in quit, leaving me alone.
I have to have a root canal this week.

Things are pretty dern good!
My kiddos start school Tuesday...YEEEHAWW!
I passed my final EMT Basic clinical, so I just have to pass the written test to get my certificate.
I won two more scholarships so that makes 7 of them PLUS financial aid. Pretty much WAY set for tuition, books and fees for the entire year!
Everyone is healthy.
I got a NEW bed with brass and porcelain headboard and pillowtop mattress...FREE.
The same person who gave me the bed also gave me a like-new four drawer filing cabinet! Which I REALLY needed! AND some books...and some movies!
What a great blessing.

I went on this date the other day.
I've always wanted someone who actually HOLDS your hand when he holds your hand, you know. Have you ever tried to hold someones hand and they just let their hand HANG there and expect you to hang on? I usually just bail and let go.
But not this guy! He hung on like glue...And I loved every minute of it! WINK
He's a truck driver...I LOVE trucks! I have a poster of a Freightliner Coronado on my bedroom wall, for Pete's Sake. (OK, not a Pete, it's a freightliner...figure of speech).
He sings to me! OH wow. I've never had anyone do that before. Positively makes me SWOON. Don't ask me what "swoon" means, I don't know, but it sounds good.
DREAMY deep brown bedroom eyes. Little dimples when he smiles. A laugh so warm it melts me like butter. Taller than me...which is always a plus.
And he is addicted to me. We talk on the phone for 4 - 5 hours most nights. I think he's wonderful. He thinks I'm wonderful.
It's all sappy and mushy and twitterpated and teenaged and fascinating and incredible.
This could be headed in an interesting direction. VEWY INTEWESTING

Still working on qualifying for the ORPAT testing. Remember the one? Where I got this wild hair and decided to try for a reserve officer position with Podunk PD? I've been exercising...some. Running, walking, running stairs on the high school bleachers.
I also went to my first ever Rescue Squad team meeting. IT WAS SO COOL! I can't believe it's FINALLY happening.

I've got some other stuff to write, but got a kid wanting help in the tubby tubb tub. So I better run.
Take it easy ya'll!

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Heather said...

You sound SO MUCH BETTER! Glad things are going well, continuing to pray.