Thursday, May 22, 2008

My traumatized epidermis...

OK, so you can't see it really well, but we went to the beach last Saturday. It was peaceful and warm and the kids and I dabbled our toes in the ocean in the freezing cold water. OK, OK, I was lonely...but that is kind of a permanent thing. I don't know why I can't just suck it up and be happy with this life God has given me and my Beautiful kids. My HEAD knows I have so much to be thankful for and I am truly blessed. But my HEART cries like a lost child in the dark. Must be hormones.

Don't tell anybody, but I took this pic with my cell phone at about 40 MPH driving down the hiway. I know, I'm naughty. We went and got our pictures taken today. I bought us matching red tie-dyed shirts at a school fundraiser. The boy hasn't had any pictures taken in about 3 years. So it was time. And I wanted one of ALL of us. So I (GASP) spent 20 minutes putting on makeup. Foundation, powder, blush, shadow, liner...the works. Even lipstick.

Number four comes in and asks me what I'm doing. I say "putting on make up". She asks "hmmm, what's Make up?" and it dawns on me that I haven't done a full face paint since before I got pregnant with the six year old. HOLY COW. She kept looking at me funny, trying to touch my eye shadow.

As I sit here, it occurs to me that my face feels like plastic and I feel the urgent need to go wash this crud off. Probably because, with the exception of the blush and mascara that I won in a writing contest last year from Loose Lips NY, the goop on my face is OVER TEN YEARS OLD. It's probably chemically altered by now and is melting off my epidermis!!! YAAAAAHHH!

OK, time to calm down. Get a Grip.

My big tummy owie is much better. Still a hole with a little extra cave under my belly button but getting smaller by the day. I hope after friday when I see the doctor again they will just let me take care of it myself with a weekly check up. Driving in to the wound clinic several times a week is a pain in the rump.

Had a root canal last week. BIIIGGG TOOTHACHE. In about half my face. So I couldn't pin it down. The dentist went eenie-meenie-miney-mo and apparently picked the right rotten tooth because after she cleaned out the root, everything stopped hurting. Which was VERY, VERY nice. But she didn't finish. Ran out of time. So I go back today.

AND SHE STILL DIDN"T FINISH!! Got the root all "cleaned out" now and disinfected, I guess. She was using straight bleach in an irrigation unit. AND the irrigation unit wasn't working properly. So about five times, I got a nice trickle of straight bleach through the dam and into the back of my throat. COUGH, GAG, Eyes water, GAG, Cough. BURNS! I still don't know why I let her do it again...and again....and again...and - OK, you get the picture. Finally, she mumbles "Well, let's not use that anymore". I was all about shouting "AMENNN!"

Still walked out of there with a temp filling in place. And have to go back next week for round three. BLECH!

A friend sent me this little cartoon on my cell phone. I thought it was precious. Sorry it's so little and hard to see, but I had to share it with you. God bless your week. I'll write again soon.

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Heather said...

You REALLY need to to toss anything over a year old. REALLY. However you look lovely in the photo. Glad things are getting a bit better, the loneliness will diminish, slowly, but it will. Continuing to pray.