Friday, August 31, 2007

4 more days till School Starts!

I ran out of coffee creamer this morning. AAaaargh! I don't like using milk. It's yucky.
My parents are coming home tomorrow from Alaska. Been gone since June. Even though they live an hour away from me, I still miss them. Especially my Momma. It's cool to have a mom who is also one of my closest friends. And to think I didn't want anything to do with her when I was a teenager!?! How stupid was I?
School starts on Tuesday for 2 kiddos, Thursday for #1 and Monday the 10th for #4.
I'm trying to start gathering up my books. My twin-seperated-at-birth Connie gifted me with enough to cover my EMT Basic books. I need to get ones now for...
Medical Terminology,
Introduction to Public Speaking (like I NEED that - but it's a requirement. They should require me to take How To Know When To Shut Up), and
Elementary Algebra (is that a contradiction in terms?).

Maybe I'll put some stuff on Craig's List and see if I can make some $$ that way.

The kids are excited about school. We played "Shoe Store" yesterday and discovered there are about 20 pairs of shoes in this house that DON'T FIT ANYONE. Either too big or too small. So City Outreach, here I come! They really don't care that I can't afford new clothes. Their grandparents got them some shorts outfits - and I managed to scrounge some new backpacks from local social service agencies. So if I get them some new shoes, they'll be happy.

And I won't be too broke. :D

I've been seriously considering Tithing. I usually give $20 or so, but I've been burdened to do a true 10 percent.
The "devil" on my shoulder says "ARE YOU CRAZY?!? You can't make it now as it is!"
But I've been praying about it. What do you think about tithing? Do you do a true 10 percent? I never have before. I've always considered my labor as tithe - teaching, leading praise team, that kind of stuff. But I can't commit to that stuff right now. And we just started a new church about a month ago. So I'm not comfortable there yet. I don't know...Opinions?

Gotta go get on with my day.

God bless yer socks off!

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Connie said...

I still struggle with the tithing thing too.

I'm praying for you friend!

Heather said...

We started tithing when we were so broke that we had exactly $10 a week to feed the two of us. God blessed us so incredibly and got us through providing us with way more than $10 would buy every week. It was amazing. We still tithe and gradually He has been training us to deal with the money He provides and blesses us with more each time we learn. Tithing is absolutely part of that--He owns the cows on very hill, He can provide for your every need and if you are faithful HE will. Tithing is not a guarantee of prosperity, it is however an act of obedience and He blesses obedience.

Donetta said...

Oh Dear one it is great to hear how things are coming together. I rejoice in your good attitude and generous heart. Tithing is a touchy subject one that was a huge burden to me for many years. I have come to a peace in this everything I own is his. Everything I do I'll do for HIM and everything I am I hope to be for him He is everything I am, have and I praise offer a lot. I share what I have no need of with an open hand and times God has asked me at the moment to give some necklace or some thing in that moment I have done so and have had so many things come back my way.
Tithing out of fear of want troubles me. Tithing is an old testament law. We are free from the law. If you utilize the resources of a church offerings are very appropriate. The widows might was all she had. The things we are, who we are, are you offering that up each moment then you live above the tithe.
This is my understanding.