Sunday, July 29, 2007

Meetin' myself comin' and goin'

I can't believe that it's been a week since I've posted.
Seems like I'm just meeting myself coming and going.
Got lots of stuff going on...and I hope that will end soon. I AM spending more time with my kids, which was my goal. But it could be better.
I've re-applied to the Degree Completion program, so PLEASE join me in prayer that that will come through.
I have formed a friendship with a midwife who is considering taking me on as an assistant. I have spent a couple of days with her so far doing prenatal checkups and I am IN SEVENTH HEAVEN.
All those fetal heartbeats, taking hematocrits and blood glucose tests, learning the contents of the "birth bag" and meeting all those moms and babies; what incredible opportunity!
Of course, for patient confidentiality reasons, I can't talk about the specific mom's but I am hoping to assist on my first birth this week. Almost got to go to one last night, but it was too quick and I hadn't had a chance to meet the mom yet, so she didn't feel comfortable having me there. That's totally cool. I don't mind. God will work it out in His time!
I am getting a little behind on my coursework, but hope to catch up soon. I have two reports and two quizzes due within ten days.
I've began volunteering for our local Emergency Management office. I am helping plan a full scale exercise and it's pretty cool seeing it all come together. I'm learning alot about emergency services and incident command.
Hope all is going well in your world, my friends. Sorry I haven't been able to visit. Like I said, Lord willing, that will change within a month or so.
God bless!

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Donetta said...

I'll think of you in this and say a prayer too. How wonderful to follow your dreams. You should feel good about your effort.
Feel the pat on your back. :)