Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Is that in Pesos?

Car died.

Poor little girl. She's served me well. I still owe $2000 on her.

She decided to evacuate her transmission fluid an hour away from my home. I managed, with the help of a gracious, amazing, wonderful friend, to get her towed to a local tranny shop.

They called me with the estimate yesterday.

You know it's not good when he starts out saying "Well, it's not good".

Goes on to explain everything and then stops.
So I say "And...? How much is that going to run me?"

"Twenty-three Ninety-five".

Stunned silence...

I was speaking slowly and distinctly so there was no mistake "Ummm...as in Two THOUSAND three HUNDRED and NINETY FIVE DOLLARS? Not pesos or yen?"

He says "yep, that's right."

Well, considering "fair" private party blue book on my little hot rod is $2300 I asked him to just keep it for a couple of days till I figure out what to do.
Got my Suburban running, though. I was pretty proud of that. Did it all by myself. Installed a new battery, cleaned the carb.
YEP. ME. All by my lonesome!
**Thumbs in suspenders**

So at least I have transportation. Even if it does get about 14 MPG.

The junk yard said they would sell me a used tranny for $800. And they would buy the car off me for $100 if I want to get rid of it.




Connie said...

girlfriend car problems suck so bad! I'm praying for you!

MotoMom said...

17 mpg, I'm impressed my Suburban doesn't even get that. I will be praying for reliable transportation. God has brought you this far, He is not going to let go of you now!


I hope that things get better on the car front.

Donetta said...

No.... That is such a rip off get an other estimate!, Do not feel obligated to use that party . You can have the car towed home and think it through. Watch out for lot fees if you leave it there and don't let them fix it.
Bring her home and you can find a private buyer for less of a loss than that! A mechanics dream.. ya know add that reads like that.

Donetta said...

Please visit me I have something for you.

Christine said...

Ooooh, yuck. Jason's car is about ready to die but he's hoping to get a year more out of it!!! I don't think it will last! I'll say a prayer for you!