Saturday, August 18, 2007

Impatient Child

Went to my second birthing last night. I was the assistant this time.

I think I'm a jinx or something. Both births I have gone to have not gone well.

Number one was a Csection after 30 hours of labor and last night, she just wasn't ready. We hung out for about 18 hours with only one cm of progression and then gave her permission to stop. She was trying so hard to go into labor but it wasn't time.

It was a great learning experience though! The midwife had to sleep for a few hours so she left me to monitor. WOW!

I used the Doppler to find the fetal hearttones and took vitals. It felt good to be trusted like that.

And SCARY, too.

And exhausting.

And I'm wishing I hadn't partaken of the 2am Taco Bell run - I think it's STILL sitting like a rock in my stomach.

Oh well. Hopefully when this mom seriously takes off, I'll be there. And finally get to assist at a birth.

Things are going well. My two classes are winding up. One finished, the other I have one lesson and the final. Had to do a research paper on Chlamydia of all things. YAK.

But I got an A on it. So that's good.

MG and I towed the little red car home. I put her up on Craigs List as is and she was sold for a few hundred within 24 hours to someone who collects SHO's. I was glad someone got her who could afford to fix her and take care of her.

Kinda lame to get sappy over a car.

I must have PMS cuz I'm sappy over just about everything anymore.

School starts in two weeks. We've started a "clean room" project and so far it seems to be working fairly well.

Told them they could have a mouse in a Habitrail if they kept the room clean for 30 days.

We are on day 10 and so far so good.

Everybody is healthy. Still waiting on word from the Degree Completion Program to see if I will be able to go to school full time or if I have to go back to work.

You know, as much as I WANT to go move forward with this path, my kids come first.

So whatever my God wants is fine with me. If I have to work and go part time, if I have to work and wait on my dream or if I can go for it is up to Him.

So I wait. I must admit I am impatient sometimes. Just yesterday morning I found myself crying in prayer saying "I don't CARE what You choose, Father! You know the desires of my heart! Just please, PLEASE let me know. I am so tired of being patient." I'm such a Type-A personality; I hate not knowing, being unsecure and up-in-the-air. Arrgh! But God knows.

I know He knows, cuz I told Him. What a bratty child I am. :D

I think I need some coffee...

Thanks for the kind comments, my friends. It touches my heart to know that even when I don't write often right now, you are still there.

I also want to say thanks to Donetta
for this sweet gift. I am humbled and honored. You bless my heart!


Donetta said...

you gotta post it on your side bar. If I could get th $ some how I have some size 7/8 girls clothing? I am in AZ so I don't know how I'd get it to you.

A Dusty Frame said...

Sounds exciting!

It's neat that you get to do something you've been wanting to do!:)