Saturday, July 21, 2007

Parade fun

Spent the day with family in the Dory Parade!

It was an adventure! When it came time to join the parade, the truck wouldn't start. Minor panic ensued and we finally got it running so we were last.

Saved the best for last!

I drove the truck and pulled the entry with the 2007 Dory Princesses on it. We also featured four kids in Learneds Boat Shop T-shirts and a "captain" in a baseball hat and rain slicker.

Everyone else was jealous of his rain slicker...cuz it drizzled the entire time. The princesses were really thrilled. They had to wear tank tops and "Oregon" hairdos. But they were beautiful anyway.

'course I'm prejudiced. They are my sisters.

Here's some pics to share...
My family boat, princesses on the bow, crabpots on the stern.

My Number 2 as a Mermaid with her bucket of candy to throw...She had a blast! The little kids called her Ariel and she flipped her tail for them.

Number three and number four in the boat ready to go. Mommy brought lots of snacks to keep them occupied at the staging ground for an hour and a half!

Don't know if you can see this entry real clearly but the dragon head has half a surfboard and the rest of the board with the surfer is under the front of the boat. Some of the dory fisherman have issues with surfers as we run in through the surf and it is hard to dodge them on the way in jumping waves at fifty miles an hour, ya' know? Anyway...
LOVED the paint job on this boat! Gorgeous airbrushed flag.
We were in line next to this amazing, bigger-than-life elk sculpture. The artist had his name on the truck...but I forgot to get it. The thing looked SO real! I'd be afraid to put it in my front yard during hunting season for sure!

Last, but definitely not least, the Grand Marshals this year were shirt-tail relatives Ann and George Bodyfelt. Good people! The driver of the 'Vette turned out to be an old girlfriend I hadn't seen in probably 18 years! We had a good time catching up.
If you're in Oregon next year in July, come on down to the coast and I'll show you my Parade Wave (lead with the elbow, ya' know!)

And I know of a hand-crafted wooden dory for sale all ready to paint in your choice of colors. In case you're interested...

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Donetta said...

cool post, I would love to here more about the tradition, culture and history of this event.