Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sometimes I just don't get it

I was signing into my Yahoo email and THIS story on the Associated Press caught my eye.

Could be because I am SO passionate about this SUBJECT!

WHY would anyone be upset that a child was dropped off instead of a baby? Gee, it's ALRIGHT to abandon a 3 year old in a supermarket or parking lot, but not a BABY?

If I were a cussing woman, I would say Doubleyou Tee Efff!

But I'll be nice.

At least that little one is safe tonight.

**If you know of someone or you ARE someone who cannot handle your child or new baby, PLEASE..I BEG YOU, do not hurt them, leave them somewhere alone or worse. EMAIL me! I'll meet you anywhere, any time and I won't ask you anything.

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Rebekah said...

things like this break my heart. People blessed with kids abandoned them.... and then there are people like my sister that cant have kids. If I had money I would adopt several more kids. Chuck and I have talked about fostering kids once ours get older.