Sunday, March 04, 2007

MG + Me + kiddos = Family

We've been working alot on math at our house.

MG has been taking a Math class, so we work on his homework together every night.

I am registering for college soon and it looks like I'm going to have to take Elementary Algebra 101. To me, that seems like a contradiction in terms..."Elementary" and "Algebra". How many of you took Algebra in Elementary school, hmmmmm?

#2 has math homework every weekend.

And Friday night, we had a special addition ceremony.

MG + Me + kiddos = Family

I made a nice dinner and we all sat down at the table. Which we don't usually the rugrats knew something was up. But they were excited; helped me set the table and place the bowls of food, salt and pepper, condiments. Lit some little floating star candles in a glass bowl.
Pretty HooHah stuff for our redneck family, ya' know!

Anyway, I'll tell you what I served if you PROMISE not to laugh.
Stop laughing.

I haven't even told you yet and I bet you're laughing already. :D

Ok, here goes. I made frozen potstickers, Cheeseburger macaroni Hamburger Helper and Cauliflower with butter.

Told you I was a redneck Woman.

Back to the ceremony thing...

A little history here. The kids (especially the girls) have been asking for about 5 months if they can call MG "Dad". He wasn't real hep on it. Too soon...he wasn't ready...the word "Daddy" doesn't always have a positive connotation in our family. Daddy's hit, daddys say naughty words, Daddys are scary, daddys make Mommy cry.

But Daddys can be wonderful and safe; MG has been doing an awesome job of setting a positive "Daddy" example. He is loving, but firm. I'm proud of him.

So we talked. Decided he REALLY didn't mind it after all; sometimes they slip and call him "Dad" anyway. So I thought we should have a "changing of the guard" ceremony. A "that was then, this is NOW" type of thing.

So I tell the kiddos "I have something to say"...
And they all jump up and say "YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED???"

The next part was slightly anti-climactic.
But I say "Not yet. MG is Divorced and Mom is divorced, but we can't afford to get married just yet. What I want to do is to present an award."
So they are looking at me like I'm nuts. :D

I break out a HappyMeal blow up Pirate sword and get my Prepared Scroll of Sacred Words.
I stand and pronounce...
I promise to love and honor you and respect you always.
I promise to treat you as a husband yet remain your best friend.
And because of the courage you have shown in the face of marauding hordes
of children, I hereby award you with all the rights and responsibilities...
The honorary title of
Yah, then I did that "tap him on the shoulders with the sword" thing. And the kids are HOOTING by this time!
I let them know that they did NOT HAVE to call him Dad; only if they wanted to. And if they got confused between MG and the "other" Dad...we would call their Father "Father" and MG could be "Dad".
Had to get that part all straight you know.
Cuz it's like #2 said a couple of weeks ago...
"MG is SO Much better than our old Dad. He doesn't hurt us."


MotoMom said...

There is the saying that goes, "Anyone can be a Father, but it takes soemone special to be a Dad."

Rebekah said...

that is so cute and a very neat idea

Karianne said...

I'm tear-y now. Thanks for this.