Monday, March 05, 2007

1970's TV - CHBM Carnival #22

Happy Wednesday, my Crazy Hip Blog Mama Friends and EveryBody Else!
Wednesdays are good...cuz they're my FRIDAYS. I'm lookin' forward to two days of R and R. In between laundry, taxi-ing kids around, volunteering at the school library, getting ready for a birthday party, cleaning the bathrooms, cooking dinner and defrosting the freezer...that is. :D

Today's Carnival subject is our "Favorite TV program when you were a kid".

OK, well, I can tell you what WASN'T my favorite program as a kid.

Lawrence Welk. My parents HAD to watch it. EVERY Saturday night. And heaven help us if we interrupted or asked to watch something else. NO WAY!

The Five O'clock channel 2 news. Because my dad was a commercial fisherman and his entire livelyhood revolved around the weather report. So...We didn't even BREATHE loudly during the news.

Now, I don't want to give you the impression that my parents were mean. They would NEVER hurt us for the world. But if you were noisy during Dear Mister Welk or The News, you got a look from my father that could drop you in your TRACKS and the volume on the television would suddenly elevate to two Thousand decibels. Either that or you ended up in your room for the rest of the night. Because you KNEW BETTER, Darn it!!

I remember a few shows that I used to watch. I adored Gentle Ben...I remember when the last show aired. I cried. Then I sat down and begged CBS to put it back on; I didn't CARE if they were reruns. I loved them all! What I didn't know was that they stopped filming new episodes in 1969, when I was about I was ALREADY watching reruns. Oh well! Did you know that "Mark" was Ron Howard's brother? I didn't either, till I tried to find this picture.

I enjoyed Starsky and Hutch and Emergency. John and Gage were my heroes!! I still remember two of my favorite episodes...the lady that was stuck in the girdle and couldn't breathe, then when they cut it off, it flew up and wrapped around Gages' head. And the kid who ate TWO loaves of bread dough BEFORE it rose and had to have an operation. I've never been able to eat bread dough!

You know, my mom would never let us watch the Flintstones because she said Fred was always trying to lie to Wilma. I was frustrated by it as a kid. All the OTHER kids were watching Flintstones. It wasn't FAIR. Now, as a parent, I can see her point. It was pretty dumb.
Guess she wasn't so far off after all.

Have a good week, Ya'll.


amaras_mom said...

This makes me laugh because my toddler knows the opening music for the local news because I watch it constantly!

Here via the Carnival!

Makita said...

Oh my gosh! I never thought about the Flintstones in that way before, but you are so right!