Sunday, March 04, 2007

What would I DO? P.S. 9

Good Sunday morning, my friends! Hope this weekend finds you healthy and happy.

As I was reading Psalm 9 for this week's Psalm Sunday post, I thought "How am I going to come up with something original when most of these Psalms are a little redundant; the same thing as last week?" But then it struck me... I can UNDERSTAND why the Psalmist sings God's praises over and over. I KNOW why he says "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Lord for delivering me from my enemies and for protecting me!"

I truly don't know how I would have survived without Him in my life; without Him to lean on, I would have fallen apart. I don't care if it sounds like I use My God as a crutch. That's what He tells us to do, for Pete's Sake!

When I was sitting in the neonatal ICU with my second child and the doctors tell me she might need a liver transplant; I have an infected C-section incision, my husband is working, my son is staying with his grandmother and I am ALONE. Yet I am not alone and I grab on to His hand!
I look around at the other tiny cribs and wonder how those parents survive. How does anyone make it through the fear, uncertainty and heartbreak without a "higher power" to lean on?

When your 7-year old daughter sits beside you in a basement hallway of the courthouse waiting to appear before a grand jury indicting your husband for abuse, how do you stay strong? How do you hold it together for her? How do you stand before a panel of jurists and wonder how in the heck someone you knew for 17 years could DO something so heinous? Let me tell you, it was ONLY the power of God that kept me from Freaking right on out!

When your child is delivered and placed on your chest and you look down at that precious face you are just seeing for the first time, yet have known for nine months; how do you deny the existence of an Adoring Heavenly Father? How can you say He was not there?

How would one survive without Him? Who would you talk to when you are all alone and you don't know what to do?

Praise you, God, for being there for me. It means EVERYTHING!

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