Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Highlighting a past post...CHBM Carnival #22

Our Crazy Hip Blog Mama's Carnival topic this week is "Pimp a post".

I'm sorry, but I just couldn't bring myself to put "Pimp" in the title of one of my blogs. I understand, you know, what it's all about...I guess I'm just weird that way. I'll probably get lots of unwanted Google search traffic just from putting it in the text here. But OH well.

ANYWAY, I couldn't think of just one I wanted to share...but I can think of a SUBJECT I want to share. So I've made a new post with links to two of my favorites!

And the subject is...TATTOOS. Mine, specifically.

I wrote this one back when I first started blogging.
Then, I got a new tattoo for my birthday in October. So I had to show it off.

I was kind of hesitant about sharing these...because they aren't exactly "family friendly" MAMA blog material. But they do fit the other THREE words - HIP, BLOG and DEFINITELY CRAZY! :D

Have a ROCKIN' week.


Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

Luuurve them...

Great posts...I have two and I'm working on a third.

I love that you love them too..They are very personal and I appreciate your sharing...

Thanks for visiting me too.

MotoMom said...

Cool tats! I got my first, a smiling daisy, for our 4th anniversary. It's on my upper back. I have a pretty high pain threshold and it did't hurt. I want to have it touched up and made a little more red, garnet like my birthstone. I also want to add a little pink and blue daisy on either side to represent my kids. Pink and blue happen to be the color of their birthstones. And a little honey bee up near my neck.
My other one is an angel holding a devil by the tail on my lower leg. I got it to represent my kids, but my husband says it is also like how I try and keep him from falling into trouble.:)That one did
hurt until the endorphins kicked in.
Getting inked is truly addictive!

Angelika said...

You think I'd get more traffic to my blog if I found a way to work "pimp" into every post? ;-p

Hi from CHBM Pimp your Tattoos, LOL.