Sunday, September 03, 2006

I love my Tattoos!

Tattoos. Some people have them...some people don't. I like mine!
I know some people who have VERY strong opinions AGAINST tattoos. My parents are in that category. As far as I can tell, it's for one of two reasons...

1) They are permanent...never come off. (Ummmm, I think I KNEW that going in).
2) Religious reasons...your body is the temple of God. You can't mark up His property or it's a sin.

Truth be told, my friends, I have three. Each one has a unique story and is special in it's own right.

First one I got was one of my first experiences with pain...not just a little pain. We're talkin' pain that threatens to make you pass out. My second husband and I liked to go do something VERY memorable on each anniversary. I should tell about some of them sometime. That would make you smile. ANYWAY, the tattoo on my chest was for our second anniversary. He got a wizard on his arm. Mine is a bird of paradise on a flowered branch. When I got it, it was about 2 inches long. But since I had kids, got older and lost about 200 lb.s, the bird "stretched" a little. ;P

Second one I got was after I had kids, so I was able to utilize that "childbirth breathing" that doesn't do SQUAT for labor pains but really helped me deal with tattoo pain, for some reason. Same husband as above went out and had an affair. We made up. I forgave even if I couldn't forget. He cut all ties with the "other woman", promised never to do it again. So...I have a heart with flowers and a ribbon on my right "flank" (OK, it's my hiney) that says "Ray's Girl". No, I'm not going to have it removed. It marks a chapter in my life. And No, I'm not sorry.

Third one I got after same above mentioned husband disappeared from my life under EXTREMELY painful circumstances. Never been hurt that badly by anyone in my entire life. But as the song says "I could have missed the pain, but I'd have had to miss the dance". I look at my four little rewards every day and thank God. Anyway, best girlfriend wants to get a tattoo on her shoulder. Wants to know if I will go with. OH HECK, yah!! Don't have to ask me twice.

My theory is that getting a tattoo is like childbirth. It hurts like a thousand porcupines breakdancing on your skin. And you think "HOLY MOLY!! I'm going to faint! I'm going to have to ask them to stop and have half a tattoo outline on my body forever!!" Breathe, Breathe, breathe DEEP! Then you get to the coloring part and it's not so bad. Kinda just irritating and you sit and read the signs on the wall, praying the artist will be done soon.

By the way, the artist who did my last two has a sign prominently displayed that says "YES, it DOES hurt!" Guess she gets asked that alot.

But then you forget...and you start to think "Gee, I'd like to get another tattoo someday." Well, I must be a special kind of stupid or a glutton for punishment, cuz I have two in mind. Soon as I can save up some money that doesn't have to go for bills...guess where I'll be!!

As for the "strong opinions" of others...Well...Opinions are like eyeballs, everybody has at least one (sometimes two!) So as long as I've searched my heart and know that it is O.K. for me, please forgive me if I take the opinions with a grain of salt.

And let me know if you know of a good Tattoo artist in Oregon...I'm looking around!

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