Monday, September 04, 2006

Road Rage

Going home from work last night. Came up to a four-way stop. Not paying attention; kinda tired, got a million things on my mind. I know, I know...recipe for disaster. ANYWAY, go up to the stopsign. Let a couple of cars go. Start to take off and the car directly across from me decides it's HIS turn. He sees me rolling and starts screaming at me! So I stop quick and mouth "I'm Sorry!" shrug my shoulders, try to be nice.

And he's still in full cry. Called me things I've NEVER been called before. People walking on the sidewalk were calling him a fool and scowling at him; one guy even gave him the "Loser" L on the forehead gesture. Heeehee!

I should have been angry...
But I wasn't. AND I was surprised at that!

I remember being puzzled, like "Wow, I feel REALLY sorry for you getting all bent out of shape for something so trivial!" And I remember feeling pity for his poor lady who was hanging on for dear life and looking very embarrassed by his behavior.

And I do remember wishing that a cop would come along and STOP his reckless little baby blue Beemer convertible hauling butt. Wishful thinkin'! But it DID bring a smile to my face to contemplate the Deputy wiping the smile off His face!

Where's a LawDog when you need him?

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