Saturday, February 10, 2007

My "I Am From..." Essay

Mary at Owlhaven is hosting a little contest. She's giving away a book to the best essay on "I am From...".
And I'm kinda last minute here, because it's only open until noon today.
And I'm probably not a good enough writer anyway. I've read some of the others and they are just awe-inspiring! But I'm going to try anyway.
Mainly because I miss my parents. Nothing makes you want to call your Mommy more than a good "memory" session. :D
So here goes...

I am from the ocean. Every day the weather allowed.
Commercial fishing with my father and learning from him.
Seaweed, Seabirds; the constant danger of being "sprinkled"...
(if you know what I mean!)
I am from dairy farmers. The ever-present odor of manure
fresh cream, cowbells, milking time and haying season.
Baby sister banging away on the metal tray of the high chair
as I chased the already-been-milked cows out the barn door.
I am from strict independent Baptists. Setting the community example;
never, ever working on a Sunday. No drinking,
no dancing, church three times a week unless you were
throwing up or running a fever.
I am from an everybody-knows-yer-bizness small town.
45 kids in my high school graduating class. I was 13th.
Middle of the road ~ don't try too hard if you can "skate" through.
"Janean could do SO much better if she would just
apply herself" on EVERY. SINGLE. report card.
I am from Mom cooking, baking, sewing, canning.
I am from sometimes eating potatoes or Top Ramen with Spam
because that's all we had.
I am from unconditional love and Mom reading her Bible
every. single. morning.
I am from Dad working where ever he could to support us.
Being SO happy when he came home. Sometimes we
didn't see him for a few months.
That's when I learned that my Mother was human.
I am from being the "big sister" ~ three younger sisters to watch...
and to lead into temptation. And to mercilessly tease.
They could run faster...but their downfall came
when they slowed down to look back.
I am from faith; bad things happen, people die,
we don't knowing where the next meal is coming from ~ BUT
God will provide! And He will be with me always...
No matter how hard life hits.


owlhaven said...

I got that on my report card too! I loved this-- thanks for sharing!

Mary, mom to many

Rebekah said...

I like the way you wrote that.