Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bad Day gone good...

Woke up this morning in a fog. Someone called in sick at work and I got like 4 hours of sleep.
Ooooo, I was SO sweet to my kids this morning. NOT.
Actually, I wasn't too mean. Mainly because I was asleep. Walking. And driving.
My schedule today looked like everyone's bad dream times 3...
the dentist
Divorce court
and the VA hospital.
The only thing I was looking forward to today was that I was doing all of the above with MG. Just me and him. It's been awhile.
Driving kids to school, it occurs to me that I'm not going to make the dentist appt in a timely manner. So I call them...and GUESS WHAT?
They didn't even have me down for an appointment today. Don't know why I thought they did. Hmmmm. But YOOOHOOO...BLESSING #1!

After some quiet and snuggle time with MG sans children (:D) it's off to divorce court. Filing the final round of papers to end a 15 year relationship, no matter how it ended, is still an emotional time.
I made it through the appointment without crying in front of the courthouse lady. BLESSING #2.

I managed to wait till I was outside in the car before I cut loose.

I don't know if any of you deal with the VA...but first of all, the hospital is over and hour away in the "Big City" AND when you get there, you check in and you wait.

AND you wait.

AND you wait some more. I'm talkin' hours here, people.

So we head out to get there early. Stop and have some lunch. It's so sweet to play together and have grown up conversations without interruption or listening ears. To hold hands and laugh like teenagers in love. BLESSING #3.

We get to the VA and, yep, we wait. Almost 2 hours to get labwork done. Another 45 minutes to see the doctor. Then another hour for medications. So we're heading home in rush hour traffic. Great.
But in the time we were there, I got to assist three older gentleman who were there by themselves with phone calls, "taking a number" and getting information. And MG and I talked, read, made new friends. And got some business handled with the doctor. BLESSING #4.

My mom stayed with the kids. SO they are out having some "Gramma time". The crazy lady took them to Wally World. By herself. I guess she used to do that with my four sisters and I...but she was about 30 years younger then. ANYWAY, MG and I get home...and no one's there. She has them out shopping. So we get MORE alone time. WOW. BLESSING #5.

So what looked at the outset like a poopy day...
Turned out not half bad at all.

How was your day?

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