Thursday, January 04, 2007

TT #14 - I could but I don't wanna!

Thirteen Things Janean can't (won't) live without every day!

First of all, I have to confess. I stole this from The Knitting Maniac. I just couldn't resist such a great idea. Hope she doesn't mind! :D

1. COFFEE! Have to drink decaff at home because that's what somebody else drinks. But that just means I get to drink twice as much.
2. Coffee creamer and sugar. Real sugar. Can't do milk in coffee. Taste...bad...ewwww!
3. Channel 12 news. Andy Carson does the weather. I have to see at least one weather segment so I know what to expect for the day. OK...that's a lie, kinda. It's winter in Oregon, so it's gonna rain. Maybe I just like to watch Andy.
4. Kisses from MG. He's a pro! Serious!
5. Hugs and Nosy kisses from #4. Every morning.
6. My blog. Even if I don't write, I have to check up on my friends.
7. My devotional journal. It never fails to make me think.
8. The mail. I HAVE To get the mail every day. OK, well, except Sunday. You know. Cuz the post office is closed like that.
9. My cell phone. If I accidentally leave the house without it, I have been known to hyperventilate.
10. "I Love You's" from my kids. And they get it back from me. At least once a day I want to make sure they always, always know. 100%!
11. My new longjohns! MG had to fight me for them yesterday so he could wash them while I took a nap. Need. Heat.
12. Brush my teeth and floss. You'd never know it by how my teeth look, but I HATE having "Fuzzy" teeth.
13. Sleep. Can I ever get enough? I've got a sleep debt owing right now that I may not be able to catch up on until I die.

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Samantha said...

When I read this, I was like, ha! Thats me too!!!

10. "I Love You's" from my kids. And they get it back from me. At least once a day I want to make sure they always, always know. 100%!

Caylynn said...

Terrific list! I'll pass on the coffee, though - can't stand the stuff! I get my caffeine from Diet Coke.

Sleep is definitely one thing I can't do without.

Happy TT. :)

Raggedy said...

Great post!
lmao at fuzzy teeth!
You will have to post a picture of Any sometime so we can get a gander..tee hee
Have a great Thursday!
My TT is up

Knitting Maniac said...

So totally don't mind you using this idea!
Great list and I totally agree on the teeth brushing thing! I can't STAND that feeling of not having them brushed.

Happy TT! Thanks for stopping by!

pawpads said...

Happy TT. Love the list. I may well pinch it for next week ~ gives me plenty of time to think of 13 things that I can't live without.

Chickadee said...

Yea, I like receiving mail too. I also compulsively check my email as well. And sleep. Sleep is good.

My 13 is up.