Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Have to go to the....Oh...NO....


It's a good thing MG drives...or I'd never get there. Pray for me, please, if you have an ounce of pity in your soul.
I WAS going to have an upper one worked on that has been hurting off and on and has a hole down the center bigger than the Grand Canyon.
BUT NOW I'll bet she's going to try to "repair" the root canal (read TORTURE) that broke last week.

Like I said, if MG wasn't driving....

Come to think of it, he may have to carry me to the car, as well.

I'll try not to kick and scream.

Actually, he is SO sweet. He promised to go with me. Then he says "you know, honey, I don't like that dentist. I think she's mean! We need to find you another one."
Isn't that awesome?!?! He hates to see me come staggering out crying and shaking. My hero...wanting to protect me.
I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy. :D

SPEAKING of MG! Maybe you can help us with a problem!
THE fish TANK.
Bought the thing. Bought some books...read them. Let the water sit for a few days. Conditioned it. Did the little dipstick tests. Everything looked good.

So we go buy fish. Nice fish. Docile fish.

Some die...so we replace them. More nice, sweet, docile little fish.


Probably $50 in fish down the toilet. LITERALLY!
Even the Plecostamus died! And those things are hard to kill. The only thing we have living in one shrimp, about 5 snails and possibly a frog. At least we haven't found his body yet.

We've adjusted the Ph...although it still looks on the high side to me (like 8.0). And we had to treat some of them for Ick...they had the white spots and the disappearing fins. But they died anyway.

MG is really discouraged. What the heck are we doing wrong? He is trying so hard. GORGEOUS 30 gallon tank. Under-gravel filter AND a standard filter. One little stalk of bamboo. Two different kinds of food (one for bottom feeders and some flakes). Standard brand. Did a 25% water change and kinda vacuumed the rocks. Put in some drops to clear up the water.

We are just to our wits end. What is killing our fish?

Maybe we OVER-treated. Too many chemicals. I just don't know. HELP!

OK, thanks for letting me vent about the torturist...OOPS, I mean dentist...and our poor, dead fishies.

I feel better now. :D


Kate said...

Right there with ya, sister. I have to take a Xanax just to take my KIDS to the dentist. Seriously. The place just wigs me out on all sorts of levels. Ugh.

No ideas on the fish... we've had a betta fish who has stayed alive while being largely ignored for over a year, and that's the extent of my fish knowledge.

Janene said...

Wish I knew more about fish so I could give you some advice...but I'm pretty clueless on that front. I had a fish tank with 3 green tree frogs in it once. I loved it! Then the frogs started to mysteriously die. One committed suicide by drowning itself in a corner...very sad. :(

Sorry to hear about your dentist being mean. I hate the dentist to begin with ~ I went about 2 months ago for a cleaning and check-up. They couldn't take x-rays because I'm pregnant, but the dentist did say I'm going to need a crown after I have the baby. YUCK! Not only does it stink to have to go through that...It's expensive, too. Even with our insurance it's gonna be like 200 bucks.

Dentists ~ ARGH!