Wednesday, November 08, 2006

GREAT NEWS! I survived!

You know what? Prayer works!

Not that I didn't know that BEFORE...but I had answered prayer today. Sitting in the dentist chair. So tense my eyebrows were merging with my hairline. And I was shaking.

It all started as soon as we hit the waiting area. I started pacing. MG pats the chair next to him...but I can't sit! I gotta go potty...gotta do SOMETHING...want to run out the door.

They call my name and set me up in the little cubicle. I know SOMEWHERE someone tried to design those chairs to be comfortable. It's because they KNEW that people would be coming to sit in them and be tortured! It's just so hard to relax when your adrenaline is rushing and you KNOW that this is going to hurt.

So the assistant comes in and we talk about what to work on today. That seems to be the thing about MY particular mouth...there is ALWAYS something to work on. Unfortunately.

And I show her the broken one. Turns out that WASN'T the one they did the root canal on. Silly me! The pain was so intense, I guess it was just hard for me to tell EXACTLY where it was coming from. At least I knew the general vacinity.

So they XRay this broken one. Hmmmm. Wow. Look at that!

Adjust the chair and hang me practically upside down. Cuz the dentist lady is about 5 feet tall. All the blood is rushing to my head. Mask on. Gloves on. Little mirror...look around...

And she says...

Wait for it....

"Well! We'll have to scrape away this old filling and see if we can get away with JUST a huge filling or if we'll need to do a root canal."

OK, folks! The prayer machine kicks in to HIGH gear.
"Oh, please, oh, please, oh PLEASE, God! No no no no root canal!"

30 minutes of grinding, chipping, hacking, and chiseling later, she decides to fill it. Though she did scare the crud out of me one time when she said "oops!" That's what she said immediately preceding the LAST root canal!
And I really shouldn't call it a filling. What she did was start with the base of a tooth, put in a little metal circle around that and fill the little metal circle with something called "Fuji" and topped it off with "composite". Basically, she constructed a tooth where one no longer remained.

THEN they said, "we'll have to see if that holds. If it still hurts in a couple of days, we'll have to do the root canal anyway."

And they loaded me up on pain drugs. :D I'm happy.

Only the pinchy shot and NO ROOT CANAL!

God is good!

MG drove me home and snuggled me all afternoon. Yep! Prayer works.

Wait till you see my post tomorrow!! Dun Dun Ta DUUUUUM! It's gonna be GooooooooD!

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