Tuesday, October 17, 2006

T.T. #63 - 3, Counting my blessings...

This week, I thought I'd do something just as equally boring as my LAST Thursday Thirteen; Count my blessings. I know I can come up with Thirteen...the hard part is STOPPING at 13!

Counting blessings is a good thing, you know. Makes you wonder why you were so darn grumpy all day when all this good stuff is happening all around you. Makes me feel guilty for being grumpy...but I usually feel guilty for getting up in the morning, so what else is new.
Actually, Guilt and I are getting to be good friends. We have a deal, he and I...If he's gonna hang around for no good reason, I'm gonna learn to ignore him during that time.

Ahem....back to the blessings.

  1. God loves me no matter what stupid choices I make.
  2. My parents love me no matter what stupid choices I make. However, unlike God, they are not usually SILENT about their feelings on the subject.
  3. Being half the person I was 18 months ago is such an incredible trip! I could start an entire different "13" on cool things I've gotten to do since I've shed the weight. **Note to self...idea for next week!**
  4. My Federal tax returns coming back - FINALLY after 8 months. It feels so good to know that I won't come home to a shut-off notice on my door.
  5. I have a super job! My boss is very cool (she has more tattoos than me!) I make a decent wage and I work with a crew of great people.
  6. #1 is doing so good in school! Just a 180 from last year. I'm so relieved!
  7. #2 is settling down. Sometimes the drama with her is beyond my comprehension. But I am just SO glad she is here in our family, alive and well. 3 years with no heart problems! WOO HOO!
  8. My prolific artist, #3, is just being calm, cool, collected and artistic. Maybe it's a fantasy because I'm never there to see, but seems things are just flowing so smoothly around my house.
  9. #4 is too cute for words. The things that come out of her mouth on a daily basis make me laugh so hard I cry! Have I told you the armadillo one? OK, in a minute...
  10. Everyone is relatively healthy at my house. Is there any wood in cyberspace to knock on? I'm much better, just a little cough. There's a touch of lingering excema...but other than that, we're good!
  11. Feeling creative juices flowing; starting to work on a quilt I promised #2 about 2 years ago. Thinking of another quilt. Working on a contest project for the job. I enjoy creating when the mood strikes me. If I HAVE to do it, it's no fun.
  12. My divorce will hopefully be final on or shortly after December 16th. Wow. Never thought it would happen.
  13. My best friend is also my best guy. How lucky am I to be loved by such a wonderful man?

God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good. And He is good to me. Even though I'm a rotten kid. :D


Jenny said...

ive been wanting to make a quilt too but i get too wrapped up in all this other stuff and it just slips my mind. :( have fun tho.

amy said...

You are awesome and blessed..thanks for posting your blessings

kailani said...

Regarding #1 ~ Amen!

Mama Duck said...

Awww, always a great thing to do!! Have a wonderful day.

Chelle Y. said...

This is a great list. Similar idea to mine this week! :)

Yes, God is good, even we things are bad! :)

Alethea said...

Good reflections - thank you for sharing these great parts of your life!