Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Armadillo story

I can't believe I FINALLY got a photo to upload! I usually try about six times before I give up in disgust.

Well, COOL! This is my #4. Wanted to share her with you today. And share some of the stuff she says that just make my day.

She was cuddled up to MG the other evening watching TV and this commercial comes on. Cutiegirl says "That's an Armadillo!"
Well, MG was astonished that a four-year-old who lives in Oregon would know what an Armadillo is. So he says, "How'd you know that??" The reply...

"Cuz I'm a GENIUS, that's why!!"

That's my girl!! MG about fainted, he was laughing so hard.

I think I've mentioned this one in my blogs before...but one night she was getting ready for bed. She comes marching out of her room, puts her hands on her hips and announces,
"I'm tired, I want to go to bed and I HAVE A WEDGIE!"

Another ROFL moment courtesy of my gorgeous girl.

Then there are those big AWWWW moments. Every once in awhile, she will just come running up to MG, leap in his lap, throw her arms around him and say "I LOVE YOU!"

Melts his heart into a puddle, let me tell you what.

And then, what she did today. Wait a sec, let me get out a Kleenex....

OK, I'm ready...

Anyone who reads some of my ramblings will quickly come to realize that I miss my kids BIGTIME. It is hard to go to work and leave them. It hurts!
Well, two days a week, I pick up Little One from her preschool bus and have her with me for 45 minutes while I get ready for work. Then I take her to TagTeam Sitter #1.
It's hard to only have her with me for such a short time. But it's better than nothing...
Maybe I'm being selfish wanting to be with her. Maybe it would hurt less if I arranged for someone else to pick her up and just didn't see her at all except for that hour in the morning when I get them ready and drive them all to school. Maybe...but I can't help myself.
SO ANYWAY! I'm feeling teary today, sorry for myself, don't wanna go to work, waaaaah!
Getting my shoes on. Put Little Ones shoes on her and look up.

This big bottom lip is hanging out and tears are threatening.

"But, Mommy, I miss you!"

AAAArrrrrgh! Gathered her up in my arms so she wouldn't see me cry and just sat and held her.

Then drove her to the sitters, got my "hug and kiss and nosy kiss" routine and drove off to work wondering why this has to hurt so much. The state says I have to work or no food stamps, no medical care, no housing assistance. Doesn't matter that they pay out about $700 more a month for OTHER PEOPLE to care for my children than I actually bring HOME!

Keep me in your prayers, Ya'll!! I need an attitude adjustment.

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Laurie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!! I have four kids too and I also work outside my home. It's really tough some days... and then others I keep my spirit in the right place and stay thankful. The armadillo story is great!!!!

I'm glad I read through your posts... you sound like a neat mom. :-)