Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Traffic really CHAPS my hide!

Went to the doctor with MG today. One rule I live by is that NO ONE I love should EVER have to go to the doctor or hospital alone.

Mainly because I've had to several times...and pardon my language, but it SUCKS! Especially with small children in tow.
And it's hard to escape from the nurses who insist that you MUST NOT drive yourself home after major abdominal surgery.

Anyway, doctor's office is an hour away. Radio announcer says "ooooo, traffic is REALLY bad!" OK...that was the UNDERSTATEMENT of the century!

Took us two hours ten minutes to get there...and we didn't even hit the major highways where the problems were! I really DON'T like being late!

Let me tell you, by the time we got there, I looked like a tweaker! My foot was tapping, my knee was twitching, I was chewing my fingernails off one hand while drumming the others on the side of the car. My Guy was looking at me out of the corner of his eye like he was afraid I was going to explode and he might get hit with forcefully flying Janean parts.

I don't know if I have PMS; I could have just been tired; maybe because we were LATE (did I mention I ABHOR being late!) or because I was MAJORLY jonesin' for a cigarette (it's been TWO WEEKS now, thank you very much) but I just wanted to roll down the window and scream...


As MG pointed out so tactfully right before I attempted to choke him, that wouldn't have done one bit of good.

But I bet I would have felt better. ** BIG GRIN**

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janice said...

Ooooh. My hubby hates being late too. Which is bad - cause I am chronically late. Except for dr appoints and such. I try really hard to be on time for those. But hey - traffic? what can you do!?!?